The Terrible Twosome Rides Again! - Masters Thoroughbreds

Yesterday Prince arrived from the Foal Barn as a lively two year old ready for training. While working with him isn't an issue, the trouble he and his half brother Silver are already getting into is going to probably give me grey hair.

Prince has only been here one day and already he has unlocked all the stalls, broken the water trough, jumped the arena fence to go play with the other horses during lessons and eaten my roses! He does not do these things alone however, oh no,  right at his side is our own Silver, his partner in crime, who is the one who taught him how to open stalls and gates in the first place!

One of these two colts is bad enough, but both? I think I know why my sister is refusing to have these two colts back at the Breeding Center for any reason.
3/2/2012 03:40:52 pm

How do you take these stables? * ____ *
Amazing. *-*


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