Longview Horse Trials - Masters Thoroughbreds

Today was the final portion of the Longview Horse Trials, a CCI** Three Day Event for horses no more than five years old. The competition was fierce with many top horse and rider teams competing for the top spot.

Two horses from Masters Thoroughbreds were competing in the event, MT's Phoenix Interlude ridden by myself and MT's Twilight Melody ridden by Isabelle. Both horses are near the same age and have the same level of training which showed in how well they both rode through out the event.

Twilight pulled the top score in Show Jumping, while Phoenix pulled the top score in Dressage and tied with another for top in Cross Country. Twilight came in third thanks to her Show Jumping win, while Phoenix was able to clinch the top spot in the trials.

A great showing for both of these young horses and we expect more days like this in the future. Below are some pictures of Phoenix at the event, Isabelle swears she will give me hers as soon as she gets her camera back from Jason.

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