Newest horse at the farm - Masters Thoroughbreds

Recently, Karen Patterson a long time family friend, decided to retire. Her farm Celestial Arabians in Riverview has been affiliated with Masters Thoroughbreds for decades. She and my grandmother grew up together here in Appaloosa Plains and have been friends longer than they care to admit.

The two farms have traded horses back and forth for showing or training, traded staff when one or the other was short handed, even showing each others horses in the same class at shows. My mother even bred several Anglo-Arabs that had parents from both farms and took them on to International Wins.

Given the close friendship it wasn't much of a surprise when Karen informed me of her retirement, my grandmother has been nagging her about it ever since I took over the farm. Her family either can't or won't take over the farm, so she has decided to thin out the herd and hire someone to manage what is left until her grandson can take over next year.

She had one special young horse that she just couldn't sell off, so she decided to give her to me as a gift. I just didn't know exactly which filly Karen was sending till Bob lead her out of the trailer. She had sent me a young mare out of the two finest horses Celestial Arabians has ever bred.

See our newest addition here!

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