New horse at the farm! - Masters Thoroughbreds

Today Isabelle went to our local auction to see if she could find any deals on tack or equipment since we will need it at the new barn. She came home with Durham, a young, completely untrained, buckskin Morgan stallion that was covered from head to two in mud and who knows what else. Seconds after he walked out of the trailer he tried to rip a hole in my pants to get the gum out of my pocket, then laid his ears back and snorted all over my face. Needless to say I was not impressed.

She claims to have gotten him because she was "bored" now that Copper has been adopted and didn't need to help me at the main farm. Since it is just Mist in the show schedule, Midnight is pregnant and King is off at the track for the winter races.

I decided not to remind her that I called her while she was at the auction to tell her Copper had been adopted. Or that I had ridden Midnight that morning since the mare isn't that pregnant yet. I didn't even remind her that King would be home tomorrow for the holidays.

 The woman loves and challenge and she has a good eye for champions hidden inside loud, filthy and obnoxious horses. On a totally unrelated note, she actually

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