New Facility Finished! - Masters Thoroughbreds

Today Masters Thoroughbreds has opened a new facility adjacent to the main farm. The new facility includes private rubber matted, kick proof stalls with individual paddocks, a lighted sand arena and small staff house.

Isabelle and I started plans on this facility after we took in Copper as a favor to our local animal shelter. The mare was aggressive and scared, did not even like us around when she first arrived, much less the other horses. Ideally we would of liked to put her in a pasture with shelter, but were forced to build a stall in our hay shed and turn her out in the arena until we were able to help her work through her aggression.

That first night after one heck of a day, Isabelle and I were sitting in the kitchen trying to relax over a cup of tea, while listening to Copper's shrill screams from the arena where we had been forced to put her overnight. Neither of us were happy with having to move several tons of hay the next day to make room for a stall, and were discussing what would be a better option. Our problem was we just didn't have room here on the farm.

Seems someone upstairs was listening to us and decided to  help out. The very next day the land next door went up for sale! The builders finished yesterday and Isabelle moved in today with Copper who will stay there while she waits for adoption.

Check it out here!

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