New Additions - Masters Thoroughbreds

It's been a busy time here at MT. Show season is about to start, new foals are on their way or already here, and several new horses have been purchased or leased.

Our first third generation foal was born not to long ago. A black colt named MT's Evening Interlude, sired by MT's Phoenix Interlude out of MT's Twilight Melody. Knight as we call him, has become the newest love of the farm and has our staff wrapped around his hoof with his cute antics. He takes a lot after his dam in looks, his sire in speed, and has the willingness to learn that we strive for in our breeding program.
Our next additions are two Thoroughbreds in for training and showing from Spanish Legacy Stables. Both come from good bloodlines and are here on an extended lease, so may be included in our breeding program once they complete their show careers.

First of the pair is SLS Stormy Windsong, a rather temperamental black stallion, with a lot of heart and plenty of speed. Once his training is finished he will be making his appearance on the track, where Michael expects he will make his mark as his attitude is perfect for the tough competition there.

The second is SLS Lady Marguerite, a flashy dark chestnut mare, who is destined to be a superstar in the Show Jumping ring. She is patient, gentle and extremely willing and has the talent to back it up. Isabelle was practically drooling after her first ride with this beauty and can't wait to show her off once her training is finished.
Our new arrivals will not be alone as we currently have another mare in foal and several new horses that will be arriving soon. We also have a new facility, a Mare Barn, already in operation. It will be open to the public for tours once the horses and staff settle in and I for one can't wait to show it off.

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