Introducing DEE Money Maker - Masters Thoroughbreds

DEE Money Maker, or Cash as we call him, was purchased from a herd dispersal sale at Duke's Equine Estate as racing prospect and future stud. He is young, hot and has attitude issues, but we never say no to a challenge here at MT. We knew we had our work cut out for us however after Cash arrived, because on the walk from the trailer to his paddock he managed to bite Michael twice, and for an experienced handler that's not easy to do!

Cash has been getting our OTTB (Off the Track Thoroughbred) treatment, which consists of lots of private turnout combined with several short training sessions a day in ground manners and handling. He responded well to this routine and after a week of it settled in nicely. Once he was settled in and more relaxed, Michael upped his training from basic manners to actual ground training and conditioning both in hand and at liberty.

Today was his first day back under saddle and after an initial spook from nerves, he settled in well and was willingly moving off Michael's leg at a walk. Once his level of fitness is back and he is comfortable under saddle at all gaits, it will be interesting to see just how much talent this young stallion has.
3/2/2012 01:35:35 pm

Thanks for these photos. :) Cash is nice horse but you need to make friends with it, so before you expect good behavior. ;)


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