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Just an update on color rules for the registry for those that haven't read them recently. Frame Overo and Splash White foundation registration is now closed. The only Frame Overo and Splash White horses that will be accepted are the progeny of already registered parents.

Sabino and Dominant White are still open for the time being, but if the trend of maximum sabino horses being created, that will likely be the next color type to close.

I am trying to keep the registry as realistic as possible and the numbers of patterned TB's, while growing world wide, are still extremely limited in numbers when considering the overall breed numbers. Since the registry doesn't even have 300 horses the numbers of rare patterned foundations are also going to be low.

There are several TB breeders in the community that specialize in rare colors and patterns and all of them are more than willing to work with other farms to set up a breeding or do a foal request. I encourage TB owners to look into this option before they create and register another patterned foundation.
This month we have four lovely foals for sale from champion bloodlines, most of them third generation. Applications being accepted till July 22, 2012. Please check our sales page for more details on the foals, sale rules and applications.
MT/SHS Chocolate Tango
Seal Brown Filly
SHS Ambassador x MT's Mahogany Tango

MT's Shadow Raven
Black Colt
MSE's Jack Sparrow x MT's Twilight Melody

MT's Silver Tempest
Grey Filly
MT's Royal Sterling x MT's Tempest Rhapsody

MT's Bronze Ballad
Bay Colt
MT's Royal Ballad x MT's Bronze Lyre

Life has been very busy here at MT since show season started as every barn except the Breeding Center has had entries in one or more of the recent shows. The Breeding Center isn't quiet though either with two recent foals and a few more on the way in the coming months my sister has more than enough to do to keep her occupied and out of trouble.

To make things even busier we have had several new arrivals that are in various stages of training from the ground up, so all of us have been pitching in to help out Isabelle at the Training Center. All of them are doing well and we have decided it is time to introduce some of our most recent acquisitions or MT bred youngsters. They are listed as follows in no particular order.

OAKR Jezzabelle

Jezzy, as we call her, came to us through a long term lease from Oakridge Racing Stables, a small private Thoroughbred breeding and training facility. She is both an OTTB and a rescue, so had a rough life until she found a good home at OAKR. They were able to rehab this lovely mare and train her to be a wonderful riding horse who enjoys a number of disciplines.

She settled in nicely and quickly bonded with our intern Claire. The two of them work extremely well together, so Claire is now Jezzy's primary rider both on the farm and at the shows. This partnership seems to really benefit both of them and we are pleased with how well Jezzy is doing.

Khal's Lunar Mare

Luna was bred by and purchased from Khal to the Post Farm as a racing and future show prospect. Her basic training was complete when she arrived and she has since completed her race training and has done very well on the track.

During her training we found she loved riding outside the arena and would jump just about anything she was pointed towards. With this in mind we have started her early training in both jumping and cross country. Once her racing days are done we plan on her entering the Eventing circuit provided she settles down enough for Dressage.

MT/SLS Sundance Harmony

Sunny is a second generation filly out of HAF/SLS Sundance Harmony and by MT's Royal Review. Her first season on the track went very well as she has her sires speed. We discovered however that racing just isn't her thing, and that she much prefers being out in the country side or working in the arena than being on the track. Once the racing season was through we retired her with a very respectable record and brought her back home for some down time.

This year she has been in training for her second career, which we quickly found to be jumping. She may be a bit shy at first, but once she knows what to expect she will jump just about anything both in the arena and out in the fields. She has started on the show circuit this season in cross country and has been doing great.

EV Streakin Lady

Sassy was purchased from Echo Valley several years ago with the idea of her racing at the same tracks as our Thoroughbreds. Jason, our Foal Barn manager, who had raised her from a weanling informed us that she did not have the temperament for the track. Once she entered training we found he was right, her friendly and easy going personality was all wrong for the track.

Isabelle switched her training to other things and has yet to find something this filly will refuse to do. She is eager to please, smart as whip, has smooth as silk gaits and jumps like she was born to fly. Instead of putting her straight into our lesson program as we usually do the other breeds on our farm, Isabelle paired her with Claire and pointed them towards the show circuit. The two already entered a Three Day Event and have plans to try the Hunter ring next.

After some rather annoying delay on my part I would like to introduce our two newest stallions here at MT.

First I would like to introduce MSE's Jack Sparrow, a handsome ten year old slate grey foundation stallion. He came with an impressive racing record and tons of scope. Thanks to the great training he got at MSE he has settled in very well to his new career in Eventing and is scheduled to participate in his first Three Day next month.
Next we have MSE's Ride the Lightning, a striking four year light bay stud colt, out of MSE's Felicity by MSE's Jack Sparrow. Like his sire he was born for the track and has the heart and attitude of a winner, so we expect a lot from him this season. He has also shown a lot of promise over fences, so will likely begin training for the Cross Country or Show Jumping circuits once his racing career is done.
It's been a busy time here at MT. Show season is about to start, new foals are on their way or already here, and several new horses have been purchased or leased.

Our first third generation foal was born not to long ago. A black colt named MT's Evening Interlude, sired by MT's Phoenix Interlude out of MT's Twilight Melody. Knight as we call him, has become the newest love of the farm and has our staff wrapped around his hoof with his cute antics. He takes a lot after his dam in looks, his sire in speed, and has the willingness to learn that we strive for in our breeding program.
Our next additions are two Thoroughbreds in for training and showing from Spanish Legacy Stables. Both come from good bloodlines and are here on an extended lease, so may be included in our breeding program once they complete their show careers.

First of the pair is SLS Stormy Windsong, a rather temperamental black stallion, with a lot of heart and plenty of speed. Once his training is finished he will be making his appearance on the track, where Michael expects he will make his mark as his attitude is perfect for the tough competition there.

The second is SLS Lady Marguerite, a flashy dark chestnut mare, who is destined to be a superstar in the Show Jumping ring. She is patient, gentle and extremely willing and has the talent to back it up. Isabelle was practically drooling after her first ride with this beauty and can't wait to show her off once her training is finished.
Our new arrivals will not be alone as we currently have another mare in foal and several new horses that will be arriving soon. We also have a new facility, a Mare Barn, already in operation. It will be open to the public for tours once the horses and staff settle in and I for one can't wait to show it off.
DEE Money Maker, or Cash as we call him, was purchased from a herd dispersal sale at Duke's Equine Estate as racing prospect and future stud. He is young, hot and has attitude issues, but we never say no to a challenge here at MT. We knew we had our work cut out for us however after Cash arrived, because on the walk from the trailer to his paddock he managed to bite Michael twice, and for an experienced handler that's not easy to do!

Cash has been getting our OTTB (Off the Track Thoroughbred) treatment, which consists of lots of private turnout combined with several short training sessions a day in ground manners and handling. He responded well to this routine and after a week of it settled in nicely. Once he was settled in and more relaxed, Michael upped his training from basic manners to actual ground training and conditioning both in hand and at liberty.

Today was his first day back under saddle and after an initial spook from nerves, he settled in well and was willingly moving off Michael's leg at a walk. Once his level of fitness is back and he is comfortable under saddle at all gaits, it will be interesting to see just how much talent this young stallion has.
Last week I broke my glasses and between major migraines and bad weather wasn't able to order new ones till Monday of this week. Without my glasses playing Sims 3 hasn't really been a good thing, that is unless I want yet another massive headache. So things have kind of been on hold here until I get my new glasses, which should be early next week.

Before I had to stop playing there was a lot happening at the farm. We have a new staff member, two third generation foals, a new facility and hopefully some new adult horses, both Thoroughbred and other breeds to show off! I will be updating the site for all these things once I have my new eyes.

I am not really gone, so feel free to drop me an email, poke me here on cbox or on aim, screen name jw1367.

Lets hope I get new eyes soon, no games is really boring!

Yesterday Prince arrived from the Foal Barn as a lively two year old ready for training. While working with him isn't an issue, the trouble he and his half brother Silver are already getting into is going to probably give me grey hair.

Prince has only been here one day and already he has unlocked all the stalls, broken the water trough, jumped the arena fence to go play with the other horses during lessons and eaten my roses! He does not do these things alone however, oh no,  right at his side is our own Silver, his partner in crime, who is the one who taught him how to open stalls and gates in the first place!

One of these two colts is bad enough, but both? I think I know why my sister is refusing to have these two colts back at the Breeding Center for any reason.
The first born colt of the second generation, MT's Royal Sterling has been started under saddle and has done amazingly well in his training. He has recently started his first round on the Junior show circuit and has done very well with several wins including yesterday's win for his Junior Hunters title.

This striking colt is going to go very far and we at MT will enjoy every minute of the ride.
_Classic baroque beauty would be a good term to describe this stunning stallion. Bred in Brazil at one of the top Lusitano farms in the world, SLS Basilio Legado was recently put up for sale and purchased with Masters Thoroughbred acting as the agent.

Bas is currently being shown by MT and will move to his home farm for stud once he has his championship.