Brief Partial Hiatus - Masters Thoroughbreds

Last week I broke my glasses and between major migraines and bad weather wasn't able to order new ones till Monday of this week. Without my glasses playing Sims 3 hasn't really been a good thing, that is unless I want yet another massive headache. So things have kind of been on hold here until I get my new glasses, which should be early next week.

Before I had to stop playing there was a lot happening at the farm. We have a new staff member, two third generation foals, a new facility and hopefully some new adult horses, both Thoroughbred and other breeds to show off! I will be updating the site for all these things once I have my new eyes.

I am not really gone, so feel free to drop me an email, poke me here on cbox or on aim, screen name jw1367.

Lets hope I get new eyes soon, no games is really boring!


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