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Yesterday Prince arrived from the Foal Barn as a lively two year old ready for training. While working with him isn't an issue, the trouble he and his half brother Silver are already getting into is going to probably give me grey hair.

Prince has only been here one day and already he has unlocked all the stalls, broken the water trough, jumped the arena fence to go play with the other horses during lessons and eaten my roses! He does not do these things alone however, oh no,  right at his side is our own Silver, his partner in crime, who is the one who taught him how to open stalls and gates in the first place!

One of these two colts is bad enough, but both? I think I know why my sister is refusing to have these two colts back at the Breeding Center for any reason.
The first born colt of the second generation, MT's Royal Sterling has been started under saddle and has done amazingly well in his training. He has recently started his first round on the Junior show circuit and has done very well with several wins including yesterday's win for his Junior Hunters title.

This striking colt is going to go very far and we at MT will enjoy every minute of the ride.
_Classic baroque beauty would be a good term to describe this stunning stallion. Bred in Brazil at one of the top Lusitano farms in the world, SLS Basilio Legado was recently put up for sale and purchased with Masters Thoroughbred acting as the agent.

Bas is currently being shown by MT and will move to his home farm for stud once he has his championship.
Recently Lexi from Shaen Park Stables and I decided to breed her HAF Sundance Melody with my MT's Royal Review. The pair had two lovely fillies and each of us plan to keep one.

Pics of them here!

MT's Ashen Symphony is the second colt out of MT's Royal Review and MT's Soft Refrain.

Mist bred true for grey again and the result is this handsome colt.

Once he is weaned he will be for sale. Please see our Sales page for the rules and application.
Today was the final portion of the Longview Horse Trials, a CCI** Three Day Event for horses no more than five years old. The competition was fierce with many top horse and rider teams competing for the top spot.

Two horses from Masters Thoroughbreds were competing in the event, MT's Phoenix Interlude ridden by myself and MT's Twilight Melody ridden by Isabelle. Both horses are near the same age and have the same level of training which showed in how well they both rode through out the event.

Twilight pulled the top score in Show Jumping, while Phoenix pulled the top score in Dressage and tied with another for top in Cross Country. Twilight came in third thanks to her Show Jumping win, while Phoenix was able to clinch the top spot in the trials.

A great showing for both of these young horses and we expect more days like this in the future. Below are some pictures of Phoenix at the event, Isabelle swears she will give me hers as soon as she gets her camera back from Jason.
Today was a great day for Masters Thoroughbreds as MT's Soft Refrain received her Jumping Star title! She did it with a double clear round in a tough jump off that ended the Longview Show Jumping Championships.

Before we left the show I had six very generous offers to buy this talented girl as well as top dollar offers on MT's Royal Sterling, her yearling colt with our own MT's Royal Review.  It was all very flattering but everyone is going to be disappointed as both mother and colt are staying with the farm but some of her future foals will most likely be available for purchase.

Her profile has been updated with the new title as well as a picture of her winning jump. Check it out!

Midnight had her second foal this morning with both dam and colt doing fine. Prince as he is called around the farm seems to be the perfect combination of his parents,; striking color and a wonderful though mischievous personality.

Here is our handsome boy!

MT's Royal Ballad